A detour was required on our trip to the New York Fancy Food Show. We flew into Louisville to meet our Matt and Annie at Bourbon Barrel Foods. These are the folks responsible for the Bourbon Smoked Sugar along with the other Bourbon inspired products. This company began with a handful of employees including Matt’s parents and has grown to over 20 employees something Matt is most proud of. Annie has shared that of all the retail shops selling Bourbon Smoked Sugar, our own Tin sells the most!derby

At the top of my list of “Must Do” in Louisville was eat a Hot Brown sandwich at The Brown Hotel which was a delicious and filling as I expected. And with Matt and Annie’s guidance we followed the Bourbon Trail, learned how to drink Bourbon at the Evan Williams Experience, toured Churchill Downs and fell in love with Kentucky.

First photo: Annie, Matt, Jan and Patty in front of the Bourbon Soy Sauce aging barrels. Second photo: Hot Brown Sandwich.

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