Saucy Corn Cobbettes

Saucy Corn Cobbettes


1 corn on cob for each person

Hank’s Herb Infused Hot Sauce – Buffalo wing flavor for those who love heat

Merquen Infused Maple Syrup – the heat and smokiness of Merquen pepper blend  are magnified by the caramel tones of the maple syrup.

Salt & Pepper to taste


This is such an easy appetizer or side dish.  Cut cobs into 1 – 2 “ rounds.   I use a large, strong knife with a hammer.  Place the knife on the cob, use hammer to split the section apart.  Boil, steam, grill or oven roast corn cobs.  I love blanching them for 4 -5 minutes.  Brush sauce on the cobbettes and serve.

**Note:  If using a side dish, keep corn whole or break in half.  You can also set bowls of sauces out with brushes and let guests “sauce” their own.

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