A Culinary Journey at Las Vegas Fancy Food Show

Las Vegas, the city of lights and extravagance, became the backdrop for our recent culinary adventure at the Fancy Food Show. 

The adventure kicked off in an unconventional manner as we accessed the convention center through the LV Loop, Elon Musk’s groundbreaking tunnel system. 

Picture this – it’s not your run-of-the-mill tunnel; rather, it resembles a tube adorned with peculiar lights and curves that could even give the bravest among us a touch of claustrophobia. 

But, hey it’s Las Vegas and the touch of Elon Musk, so unconventional is the name of the game.

Elon’s Loop


Awaiting our Tesla to ride loop

We found ourselves anticipating a culinary extravaganza of The Fancy Food Show – a gourmet haven that caters to both food enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

The Sphere Las Vegas Convention Center

With our seasoned food show expertise and knowing our stamina, we briskly passed by the tempting Italian salamis, rich French pates, and savory Swiss Emmentals. 

Our focus was clear – reconnect with our beloved vendors, discover their latest offerings, and perhaps stumble upon a unique vendor and item to add to The Tin.

From India, milk beverage with Saffron
Sauces from Peru








One striking trend stood out during our short observations – beverages were the stars of the show. 

From saffron-infused milk sourced from pampered Brahma cows to health-centric drinks and innovative cocktail and mocktail blends, the spotlight was firmly on beverages. 

And just maybe, we stumbled upon a gem destined for The Spice Tin.

Our journey through the maze of tempting exhibits eventually took us to familiar faces – Bourbon Barrel Foods, Charlie, with our favorite cocoas in our collector tins, Runamok Maple Syrup, and Tiberini Pastas. 

Alexis and Alex congratulated us on Salted Caramel Maple Syrup
Charlie loves our artistic cocoa tin labels
Bryson from Tiberini Pastas









Seeing and receiving hugs from these long-time partners in our retail adventure was heart-warming.

We met Annie and Bourbon Barrel Foods 12 years ago at the summer food show. We feel like family now!
Specialty crackers that pair with wines, beer and bourbon!










Having experienced the impressive array of exhibitors, enlightening sessions, and a diverse spectrum of products at the Specialty Food Association-sponsored show, our journey continued beyond the convention walls. 

Navigating through the occasionally overwhelming and expensive atmosphere of Las Vegas, we were pleasantly surprised to uncover the city’s hidden gem – Mon Amie Gabi, an exquisite dining experience.

There, Jan and I shared a delightful steak frites entrée – a moment of culinary bliss.

Jan savoring the perfect moment
Succulent steak frites entrée







In the end, the Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas proved to be a fun, fast, and furious adventure. 

Stay tuned as we unveil a few new selections at The Spice Tin, inspired by the latest trends and hidden gems discovered in the heart of the culinary world. 

Until then, savor the delights and embrace the unexpected on your personal culinary adventure.

Cheers! 🍸

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  1. Thank you both so much for sharing these adventures! Both Vegas and Cuba looked amazing! Now I want to go to Cuba!!

    1. Thank you Linda. You would fall in love with Cuba on day one. And after, you will come home with a bit of sadness over what that country doesn’t have and has to over-come.

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