Beautiful Bulgaria

Our recent culinary trip to Bulgaria was better than we could have hoped.  We highly recommend Adriana’s Bulgaria Private Tours.  Kiril, our guide/driver for three weeks shared the history, geography culture and food of his beautiful country.  The first day Kiril replied after I exclaimed, “Wow” at Sofia’s archaeology museum, “Oh Patty, there will be many more “Wows”.  And he was so correct. Second century churches, Greek and Roman ruins amid modern city sidewalks, mountain villages that took us to other slower times are just some of the highlights.
Bulgaria’s culinary world is simply delicious – simple, farm to table, always fresh, fresh, fresh.  Shopska salad, banitsa (bread) and Tarator soup were ordered again and again.  Restaurant menus would be 5 -8 pages long, most with pictures to help the Bulgarian language challenged!  So in the Bulgarian tradition  enjoy some photos of this adventure.





Cooking Class in Gorno Draglishte

A Village Culinary and Cultural Experience

More Bulgarian Dishes


Shopska Salad:  Easy

Cubes of tomato, cucumber, red onion, parsley, red bell peppers, sunflower oil or olive oil and Buglarian sirene cheese. Sirene cheese is salty so only oil was used as dressing.  I use a dry feta that can be grated.  If it is not salty, I drizze a bit of red wine vinegar on the salad.

Bulgarian Kyufte (meatballs)
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These were called meatballs on the menus but were small oval patties instead of what we consider meatballs.  On our return Jan recreated the rub which we named Kirli’s BBQ Rub after our wonderful friend/guide.

Tarator, Cold Cucumber Soup
(Click on title for like to recipe)
Summers can be very hot in Bulgaria.  Tarator was a refreshing, healthy lunch selection.

Tarator across Bugaria
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