Our New Family Trick For The Juiciest Thanksgiving Turkey

This year for Thanksgiving, my family and I decided to try something different and spatchcocked our turkey.  I will say you will not get the same presentation of the whole turkey for everyone to oooh and ahhhh over right before carving into the bird. However, you will have everyone ooohing and ahhhing as they take […]

The Secret Food Tour of San Francisco

Since traveling abroad has been postponed until it is safer, we thought we would explore our local and not so local food scenes.  Secret Food Tour of the Mission District in San Francisco was a joyful find.  Our guide, Mark, is a fourth-generation San Franciscan, a chef, at one time a purveyor with Naiman Ranch, […]

Bounty In Our Backyard

R&R Getaway The anticipation and planning of vacations are one of Jan’s and my favorite past times. We love to immerse ourselves in different cultures and cuisines. It thrills us that our travels abroad have enhanced and expanded The Tin’s spice selection, introducing new spices and dishes to you.   This year with Covid still lingering, […]

Georgia on Our Minds

First Squares Food Tour Savannah

While sheltering at home last year, Jan and I spent most of our time fantasizing about our next adventure. We decided that it had to be stateside, someplace we’ve never been, known for great food, preferably warm and, if possible, have a seacoast. Historic Savannah, Georgia was our easy choice. After we received our vaccines, […]

Mother’s Day Menu 2020 – Sheltering at Home Era

Just recently we were lucky enough to score a bottle of Boyle MacDonald 2018 Dry Rose.   Winemaker Kate has done it again with this beautiful French style rose.   Craig in his quiet, shy manner(a bit of humor here!)  shared ideas of what to pair with  this light, dry wine.  Mother’s Day brunch came to mind. […]

Beautiful Bulgaria

Our recent culinary trip to Bulgaria was better than we could have hoped.  We highly recommend Adriana’s Bulgaria Private Tours.  Kiril, our guide/driver for three weeks shared the history, geography culture and food of his beautiful country.  The first day Kiril replied after I exclaimed, “Wow” at Sofia’s archaeology museum, “Oh Patty, there will be many […]

South of the Border

It is not a surprise to most of you that Jan and I love to travel, love the adventure and the challenges of learning about a culture through their culinary traditions.  But when we “vacation”, our favorite spot is Nuevo Vallarta.  Vacation to us is shrimp everyday, reading under a palapa with the beauty and […]

Vadouvan Curry – Sweet, Smoky, Exotic

Curry in India represents the finish dished.  Their word for the spice concoction to make the curry is masala, Hindi for “blend of spices”.  Garam Masala translates to hot spice blend.  Garam Masala does not contain turmeric while turmeric is a basic ingredient in curry blends. During the colonial period, the British brought back spice […]

Sumac – Bright and Tangy

No, not the poisonous sumac that causes uncomfortable rashes.  Sumac, the spice, is a berry from the “staghorn” bush.  These small brick-red berries are dried and ground.  Historically this spice is from the Middle East and used as a souring flavor much like dried mango in Indian cuisine. In Greek and Roman times, sumac was […]

All About Peppercorns

Black pepper, many times an under appreciated spice,  graces most every dinner table whether it is in a grind-your-own mill or in a simple shaker.  It was once a treasured product of the silk route.  Peppercorns come from a vine originally found in India and are actually berries. Green peppercorns are the fruit picked and […]

Celebrating 9 Years!

Each Memorial Day we celebrate The Spice Tin anniversary, the start of summer vacations and men/women lost in military service.  This year represents The Spice Tin’s ninth year!  Jan always sets up his small Webber out front to grill chicken wings to share with our customers along with suggestions and grilling advise.     This […]

Ayubūvan from Sri Lanka, Spices, Curries and Smiles.

Sri Lanka, an island about 1/3 the size of California off the southern coast of India, is a land of jungles, tea plantations, elephants and monkeys, Buddhist and HIndu temples, delicious curries and warm smiles. Coconut is truly king here where thirst is quenched by roadside stand where a vendor chops off the top of […]

National BBQ Month & 9th Anniversary for The Spice Tin

It has been nine years since we opened the door to The Spice Tin, that dream that would not go away.  This little shop continues to fill us with joy and fun.  When we opened, we had four prebagged spices/herbs/blends per basket, and the labels were hand written!  Our growth is credited to our customers […]

Autumn Trip to Wyoming to view Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

An autumn trip to Wyoming to view Grand Tetons and Yellowstone is perfect as long as one plans for snow! Originally our trip was to include food tours and culinary side trips, but the magnificent vistas detoured those plans. We were fortunate to stay two nights at Jackson Lake Lodge with 60-foot windows along the […]

Puerto Vallarta

One of our favorite vacation spots is Puerto Vallarta. This is the trip where we laze about, most often beneath the palapa with the beach and ocean soothing us into afternoon siestas. On occasion we venture out and about finding new, fun and interesting things about this part of Mexico. June 2016 we took the […]

Basque Country

Basque culture and cuisine brought us back to two of our favorite countries – France and Spain. The Espelette Chili Festival is the specific reason for our visit. The festival is held the last weekend in October to celebrate the Espelette Chili, a beautiful red chili with sweetness and heat. Meals in France are so […]


A detour was required on our trip to the New York Fancy Food Show. We flew into Louisville to meet our Matt and Annie at Bourbon Barrel Foods. These are the folks responsible for the Bourbon Smoked Sugar along with the other Bourbon inspired products. This company began with a handful of employees including Matt’s […]