Celebrating 14 Years of Cherished Memories


The Team of The Tin

Last month we celebrated 14 incredible years of unshakeable dedication, unyielding determination, and unforgettable moments that have shaped our journey. 

As we pause to reflect on this milestone, we cannot help but be overwhelmed by the profound impact our loyal team of employees over the years has had on our success.

The road to where we stand today has been an extraordinary one, paved with tireless efforts, unwavering support and invaluable contributions of every single member of our team. 

Each individual has brought their unique talents, skills and perspectives to the table, enriching Jan’s and my experience at The Tin.

Precious memories were created along the way that truly make this 14-year celebration special.

We feel incredibly blessed and humbled that some of our past & present employees have graciously shared their fondest memories with us. 

It is with great joy that we now extend the privilege of sharing these heartfelt moments with all of you.



Gloria M.  2020 – present
My happiest, most endearing memory is of David and me helping you all get set up for the shop. Coming in and writing labels 🏷️ and bagging and trying to figure out how everything would be set up. The anticipation of The Spice Tin becoming a reality was palpable, but it has far exceeded what we ever envisioned it might become!
Kudos to you, Patty, for following your dream, and executing it so perfectly! It is a mainstay in Murphys and it’s fun to watch it now, 14 years later, be “the” place to visit in Murphys!🌟





Debbie K. 2016 – present
When it comes to my favorite memory, one that stands out is when a customer visits The Tin from another part of the country or even Canada just because someone recommended us. It’s truly amazing to see how far our shop’s reputation has spread and the loyalty it has garnered.🌎

🌰 Another cherished memory is of Jan roasting chestnuts during the Christmas Open House.


Tired Jan & Tony




Sherrie & Tony O. 2018 – 2020
🥓 One of the best memories we cherish is the afternoon spent with Jan and Tony barbecuing bacon-wrapped asparagus, to everyone’s delight ! Yum!
🍫 Another one that stands out to us is a time we celebrated (I don’t remember the reason) with small glasses of wine while sampling delicious chocolate… after work hours, of course!
🩵 We truly enjoyed the companionship with wonderful staff, meeting people from so many different places, and learning about Spices!
So many good memories!



Judy T. 2013 – 2020
🎄One of my fondest memories was the Christmas decorations that Gail and Lonnie put together each year. Their holiday decorations reignited the holiday spirit within me after Jim’s (my husband) passing.
One of the funniest memories that I still laugh over, is when Patty and Jan were away on vacation, and the team and I pranked them by sending them a picture of The Spice Tin with a FOR SALE SIGN on it.
Above all, the support from Patty and Jan was a true blessing, always there to lend a helping hand and to offer care, especially during snowy days. Those seven years at The Spice Tin enriched my culinary skills, making me a better cook. Thank you all for the incredible memories and the wonderful experience!




Jennifer H. – 2016
I must admit, it’s hard for me to pinpoint a specific favorite memory. What I truly cherished about my time at The Spice Tin was the opportunity to connect with and get to know each and every person who worked in the shop.
🫶 Spending time with the incredible team and building those meaningful relationships brought me joy and fulfillment.




Diana L. 2017 – 2020
The Spice Tin is always a great place to work, happy customers, fun staff, lots of laughter. I always looked forward to going to work.
One of my favorite memories: Well, who wouldn’t want to work in a place where you don’t get fired for impersonating your boss? 😘 I think more than a couple of times, a customer asked me if I was Mrs. Schulz. It just seemed right to agree that I was Mrs. Schulz since I so looked the part, a plump, bespectacled white-haired lady, unlike Patty with her mod hairdo and lithe figure. Take one look at me; you see, spice lady.
But alas, Patty had to break the spell with “You are not!” Come to think of it; I guess I created more than my share of the laughter around there.
I loved being a small part of The Spice Tin. 💖



Emily T. 2019 – present
✨I remember one time Jan asked me what I liked to cook, which should surprise no one when your line of work involves spices, but to my sixteen-year-old self, this was the scariest question a person could ask.  I had just begun working at the Tin in March 2019 of my junior year in high school, and, in true teenager fashion, barely knew my way around a frying pan, let alone that a whole world of spices existed beyond salt and pepper!

Now, you have to understand that everyone at the Tin loves to talk “food”. Sue is famous for her world-class deviled eggs, Amy for her granola, and Keith, his burn-pile stews — I was famous at my house for burning pre-made cookie dough. With this in mind, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone asked me what I liked to cook.

When Jan posed this question, however, I began to sweat. What did I like to cook? Is making toast considered cooking? Before I could stop myself, I blurted out “grilled-cheese.” It was over. My Spice-Tin career was about to come to an end. Instead, Jan (bless him) just chuckled and said, “you’ve got a lot to learn.” And learn I did! Four years later, I am happy to report that my culinary skills have expanded beyond toasted cheese and bonusI no longer have to scrape the charred remains of chocolate chip cookies off sheet pans (yay!). I guess you pick up a thing or two when you are suddenly surrounded by spices & foodies all the time, eh?  Thank you, Patty and Jan, for taking a chance on a sixteen-year-old with “can cook grilled-cheese” on her resumé 😉 Congratulations to you and my fellow crew members on fourteen years! We did it!✨



Sue B. 2015 – present
My favorite times in the shop are when I talk to customers and tell them the story of how Patty had this dream of opening a spice shop when she retired and she made it happen! People and myself as well, just love that story. 🌼

Dona Q

Dona Q – 2020 – present
After retiring from my 42-year career at Calaveras County, I was eager to stay active and found the perfect opportunity at The Spice Tin. With my sister Carol’s and my love for cooking and making pesto, this place feels like home. The Tin not only keeps me grounded and offers daily opportunities to learn about recipes, spices, and innovative uses, but they also support Carol’s and my pesto business. It’s a truly fulfilling experience. ❤️




Amy, Patty & Debbie



Amy A. – 2020 – present
I have so many favorite moments:

🇲🇽 One such memory was the Día de los Muertos celebration in 2021, where we came together to honor the memories of Debbie’s dad, Patty’s dad and my mom. It was a beautiful tribute filled with love and remembrance.
💃 The staff dinner parties were always a highlight, bringing us all closer. From the enchanting ambiance of Seven Sisters to the lively atmosphere of Boyle MacDonald, these gatherings created lasting memories of camaraderie and shared laughter.
🫶 The moment that touched all of our hearts deeply, was when The Tin awarded Emily a well-deserved college scholarship.
🍷 Jan’s gesture of bringing wine down to the shop to celebrate a top sales day at closing was a testament to our tight-knit team.
🌰 During the Christmas Open House, we experienced the magic of the season as Jan roasted chestnuts, filling the air with warmth and the scent of holiday cheer.
💁🏽 It is also worth mentioning the incredible resilience and flexibility displayed by everyone during the various stages of the pandemic. The way we came together as a team, adapting and supporting one another, exemplified the strength of our bond and dedication to our shop’s success.
💜 Lastly, the heart of our experience lies in our exceptional bosses, the fun-loving people we get to work with, and the incredible customers who bring life and vibrancy to The Spice Tin.



Keith M.  2021 – Present
I’m still the “rookie” on the staff, so I do not have too many memories. However, I wanted to start working there to learn more about spices and flavors for my cooking, which is an ongoing process. The other day a gentleman came in and asked about all sorts of spices for various cuisines. I was pleasantly surprised by how I was able to answer him with suggestions. I guess I am learning! 👨‍🍳

As Jan & I revisit these precious memories…

…we want to express our deepest appreciation to each and every member of our team, both past and present. ❤️

Your unwavering dedication, passion and belief in our shared mission have played an integral role in shaping the essence of The Tin. 

So, as we celebrate our 14th year in business, let us take a moment to honor our incredible team—a team that has stood by us through thick and thin. 

This milestone is as much yours as it is ours. 

Here’s to the cherished memories we’ve created together and to many more. 

With so much gratitude,

Patty & Jan ❤️

Patty & Jan
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