National BBQ Month & 9th Anniversary for The Spice Tin

It has been nine years since we opened the door to The Spice Tin, that dream that would not go away.  This little shop continues to fill us with joy and fun.  When we opened, we had four prebagged spices/herbs/blends per basket, and the labels were hand written!  Our growth is credited to our customers who teach us so much about food and travel, many times sending us on a journey to a part of the world that was not originally on our “list”.  As Jan loves to say when greeting folks, “We are all about friends, food and you having fun”.

As a thank you for nine years of support, Saturday, May 5 Jan and Tony set up the grill out front of the shop.  They gave lessons on salt block cooking along with delicious samples of bacon wrapped asparagus grilled on the salt block.  A secret step included sprinkling Bourbon Smoked Sugar on the bacon before rolling it around the asparagus spear.  Another fun recipe for bacon and Bourbon Smoked Sugar is Candied Bacon.  After grilling the bacon wrapped asparagus, the salt block is perfect for sauteing apple slices which finishes with  warm, sweet and savory flavors.

As tradition holds, Jan will be at the BBQ on Saturday, May 26 grilling chicken wings in celebrations of the our anniversary.

NEW WEB!  May 2018 also trumpets our new web site, with new features.  Please forgive any glitches that might happen as we continue to improve the web site.  And please, if you have any problems, please call us for help.  Use code:  BBQ2018 for 10% discount on your first order.

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Salt Block Cooking Book
Salt Block recipe book.

New at The Tin

Andreas at The Tin
Andreas Essendorfer with Debbie & Sue

At the Fancy Food Show this year, we met Andreas from Essendorfers Foods, a small company in Bavaria, Germany.  Essendorfers line of pesto, sauces and spreads all had complex and clean flavors that we fell in love with immediately.  These products have finally arrived at The Spice Tin.  We are proudly one of the very first shops in the US to sell Essendorfers products.

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