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Ume, a Japanese salted plum, has been used for many centuries as an alkaline balancer. It is an excellent digestive aid, combats nausea, fatigue, and systemic toxicity-including hangovers. By combining the ume plum with ayurvedic cayenne pepper, entube has created a veritable health tonic that will explode in your mouth and open your taste buds to deliciousness. Color is essential to stimulate flavor receptors in the mind, so natural beets was added to the mix creating a beautiful pink that will make your dishes blossom. The umeboshi differs from the other entube products as it is a fermented fruit paste and thus is best used in raw form as a finishing condiment. What we have is a salty sour all natural flavor bomb that will bring harmony and balance to your body and mind. This product is all natural, completely vegetable based with no added sugar or preservatives. Ume plum paste (ume plum, ume juice, shiso leaves, sea salt), red beetroot powder, red beetroot concentrate, cayenne 100 g

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