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Fleur de sel is more like a condiment than a spice, Fleur De Sel highlights food flavors and is never too salty. Fleur De Sel has been a favored ingredient of French chefs. Gathered by an artisan paludier (craftsman salt harvester), the harvester can sweep the top of the evaporating sea water with wooden rakes. The salt is gathered in summer, basically raked out of the ocean and through a series of canals and reservoirs. The salt water is trapped, then decanted from reservoir to reservoir and finally evaporated. Once evaporated the salt is then raked naturally into crystals with the help of the sun and the wind. Fleur De Sel is the very top layer of salt, consequently it has the purest flavor and the brightest white color. Sel Gris is the gray salt found underneath the Fleur De Sel. For every 80 pounds of Sel Gris harvested, there are three pounds of Fleur De Sel. Consider Fleur De Sel the condensed and dehydrated sea that is spinkled into a dish. Unwashed, unrefined, nothing added.

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