Vadouvan Curry – Sweet, Smoky, Exotic

Curry in India represents the finish dished.  Their word for the spice concoction to make the curry is masala, Hindi for “blend of spices”.  Garam Masala translates to hot spice blend.  Garam Masala does not contain turmeric while turmeric is a basic ingredient in curry blends. During the colonial period, the British brought back spice mixtures and called them curries.  Madras, Vindaloo, Vadouvan, etc. represent specific areas of India each with its own unique culinary profile.

French Vadouvan Curry has to be a favorite with staff and customers alike.  The French settled in the south east coast of India called Pondicherry.  Vadouvan Curry has been described as “sexy”probably due to the roasting of whole spices first, then grinding them into the blend which creates wonderful depth and complexity.   This blend is just about perfect for everything.  Use on all variety of meat, vegetables, soup and salads.  The more Vadouvan used in the dish will spike the heat.  I love using this spice not just for the delicious flavors it infuses in my dishes, but it fills my home with  heavenly and exotic aromas.

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French Vadouvan Curry Recipes

Broccoli and Spinach Salad with Vadouvan Dressing

Vadouvan Carrots

Vadouvan Lamb Chops

Vadouvan Shrimp

Wine Pairings:  Taner Estate Grown 2015 Mélange de Mère, and if you like light bubbly try their T Brut Sparkling Wine.

New At The Tin

Fall decor has arrived.  Our decorative towels and accessories are perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  No Santas have shown up but the our beautiful woodsy angels have begun floating into the shop.  Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup will be a hit on breakfast treats as well as veggies and cocktails!

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  1. Visited your store on Sunday, November 29. It was such an enjoyable experience and the spices were all of first quality. Even though we had to wait outside in order to social distance from other customers, I can say it was well worth the short wait. The staff were very helpful and courteous. I look forward to visiting again before Christmas.

    1. Thank you for your patience Rebecca during these trying times. Vadouvan Curry is one of my favorites. I love the background flavor of the shallots in this blend.

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